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Why do I need copywriter?

Copywriting goes hand-in-hand with SEO. A large number of SEO activities require content to be written in a strategic manner, particularly when targeting specific keywords and keyword phrases. When building a presence around the web you will need content that sells your company ‘core story’ to your target audience.

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SEO Copywriting Service – Chicago

SEO copywriting serves two purposes, firstly, to increase your visibility within the search engines, and secondly to connect with your target audience and increase the popularity of your business.

At Chicago Web Programmers we offer a professional SEO copywriting service for businesses throughout Chicagoland. Our SEO copywriting service includes:

1. Website Content Writing
2. SEO Article Writing
3. Press Release Writing
4. Blog Writing
5. Newsletter & Email Marketing Writing

Copy That Connects and Sells

Good copy engages the reader and sells its purpose. This purpose might be to deliver information or a concept, or it could be to promote and sell a product or service. Good copy provokes a reaction within the reader who should be compelled to act out the purpose intended by the writer. A good copywriter is not only a good writer with grammatical accuracy, but also an experienced marketer who understands consumer behavior and consumer psychology. A good copywriter should have solid marketing experience across numerous industry sectors. Our copywriter has over 10 years of media communication experience and will provide your business with copy that strikes the correct chord with your target audience.

General Copywriting Service – Chicago

We provide copy across all media disciplines – not just SEO related copy. Our copywriting service covers but is not limited to; personal statements, investment proposals, biographies, sales letters, tag-lines and all advertising and branding literature. Maximize the readability and potential of your copy today by contacting us for an estimate on your copywriting project.