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Pay Per Click – ROI Tracking Chicago

Pay-Per-Click Chicago Advertising

At Chicago Web Programmers we handle pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for a number of high profile Chicago businesses. PPC is the most lucrative form of advertising on the internet and the most effective way of targeting potential customers.

How Pay-Per-Click Promotion Can Help Your Chicago Business?

PPC is an advertising model whereby a business can pay to secure particular keywords or keyword phrases in order to target their customer base and feature highly in search engine listings. When a user searches for a particular word or phrase within a search engine, PPC adverts will be displayed in the top 3 search results and also on the right-hand side of the page. Out of habit users will click the first few adverts they see on a page, this behaviour drives more traffic to sites that use PPC advertising than those utilizing organic SEO methods. The key functionality of pay-per-click advertising is that the advertiser only pays when the advert is clicked.

Pay-Per-Click and Google Adwords

Google takes PPC one step further with a system named Adwords (for the advertiser) and Adsense (for clients displaying the adverts). Adwords is site-targeted PPC. When a user is viewing a particular website related to your organization’s service or product, your advert along with other related adverts will be displayed on the page to encourage clicks. If the owner of a website permits the display of Google adverts they shall receive a share of the money paid by the advertiser when the advert is clicked.

Securing The Most Lucrative Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Pay-per-click is the only guaranteed method of ensuring visibility within the search engines for particular keywords or keyword phrases. However, it is vitally important that you pick the most effective words for your internet marketing campaign. At Chicago Web Programmers we conduct an in-depth analysis of the keywords and keyword phrases being used in searches by your target market, we also analyze the words being utilized by your competitors. From this research we devise a comprehensive pay-per-click strategy for your Chicago business.

Climb To The Top of Google and Yahoo Within Days

Because PPC is paid advertising it gains priority over the organic results displayed within the search engines. Therefore, depending on your budget, you can secure keywords and keyword phrases that will take you to the top of the first page of Google or Yahoo within a matter of days.

Writing Pay-Per-Click Ad-Copy For Your Chicago Business

Writing PPC ads is a specialist area. With only a heading and approximately 200 characters to capture the attention of your target audience the copy must sizzle and sell. If the copy is unappealing to the reader then your PPC ROI will under perform. At Chicago Web Programmers we are experts in devising PPC campaigns and constructing concise, compelling and luring ad-copy to generate clicks and ultimately sales conversions.

ROI Tracking Chicago

When an organization allocates a budget for a particular promotion, it is impossible to gauge the exact level of ROI generated as a direct result of an individual marketing activity. Yet one great aspect of PPC is that its progress can be tracked and measured down to the very last click. At Top Space Media we provide you with a complete ROI tracking service. We supply you with web marketing reports and custom ROI reports detailing specific data. ROI PPC tracking for your Chicago business helps you stay one step ahead of cross-state and foreign competition.

Pay-Per-Click – ROI Tracking Chicago

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