Why Search Engine Optimization is important for business owners?

Why Search Engine Optimization is important for business owners?

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In many instances small and mid sized business owners are not 100% sure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the right solution for the online marketing needs, when in fact, there are very few instances where SEO is not a crucial and central part of an online marketing strategy.

The point of SEO since “day one” is to increase sales by obtaining qualified business leads from Internet search engines. Achieving this goal is possible with almost any business of any size. And, while SEO is a complex, evolving issue and requires tons and tons of work, every business Owner, President, CEO or CMO must recognize that without an organized SEO campaign in place, you will fade off the map, lose sales to competitors and bleed the value of your brand over time. You will spend tons of money on traditional media buys and find it ever so difficult to track and tie sales to those sources. To ignore SEO in its traditional and new evolving forms is to deny your company and its employees the opportunity to succeed online in the long-term.

So what are some of the basic reasons for which business owners and senior managers should take a closer look at SEO?

Obtain Increased and Higher Quality Sales just as you begin to optimize your website, long tail search volumes will improve. Over the long term, with a lot of hard work, you can achieve significant positions on the major search engines leading to positive, bottom line results:
• Your website will perform better and receive more traffic shortly after you begin to implement standard optimization tactics. This is not to say that if you sell mortgages (a competitive area), you can optimize for “mortgages” and on day #2 of your work going live on your site, you’ll have more traffic. BUT, if you begin to work on your niche and provide more and more relevant information to your users and to the search engines in a clear, concise manner, you’ll grow your traffic from the outset of your program.

• A lot of businesses are locally based and rely on foot traffic for customers to be within a short drive of their office or retail location. Search engines offer a plethora of local search features, and strategies for local search abound. If you leverage these local search tools and local search strategies properly, you are sure to increase your sales.

Increased Search Engine Visibility  Spread your wings!

• With a solid SEO program in place, you will cater to all major crawler-based search engines. So, not only will you receive exposure on Google (at some point) but also on Yahoo and MSN and several other outlets. Once you optimize your site for organic search, the 3 major engines will pick up your site and run with it over time.
• As opposed to Push marketing SEO is “PULL Marketing” The quality of a lead that find you through search is very high.

When someone searches your keywords and finds you, there is a darn good chance that they are going to be a solid new business lead. When a searcher finds you, they have INTENT. They pulled themselves right to you for a reason; they are looking for what you have. This is just the opposite of PUSH marketing “ direct mail, outdoor advertising, TV, radio and other media mediums.
Brand Recognition “ small businesses may not have large budgets for major branding. However, strong niche oriented organic search results can lead to your brand being associated with that niche over time. Your brand awareness and brand recall strength will increase as time goes on.

• Your company’s name becomes associated with specific keywords that are embedded in a customer’s mind.
• Control the terms that you associate with your products, services and brands.
• Impression on customers over your competitors control your messaging with your landing pages.
• The impression that you make on search results in crucial. To correlate this to a more human level let me ask this: If you went to a business networking event (Search Engine) where you might see a prospective client (Searcher), would you arrive at the event in tattered clothing, hide under a table or hang out in the bathroom for the entire event? Probably not. I’d suggest you’d opt for the former and likely network, move around the room, show your face and be found. This is the same as a search engine.

Why hide?

Why show up to a business event in dirty tattered clothing?

If you poked your head out for the one good lead at the event, would you shake that person’s hand take their business card and hand them a Post it Note with your company’s name and your contact information scribbled on it? Probably not. This is the same thing as ignoring what is returned in search queries about your products and services. That is, poor page descriptions and poor landing pages make a really bad first impression “ don’t let this happen to you! Many companies have neglected page links that are in search results which do not make for a strong impression on their prospects.

Have you ever searched and get results and click through and you suddenly waiting for a .pdf to download?

As a business owner, you must begin to recognize that this is no longer good enough. You get one chance to make a first impression, so don’t hand someone a Post-It with your name scribbled on it. Make a clear, positive impression. Proper optimization can help you with this.
Enhanced Credibility and Legitimacy “ Has anyone ever said to you: “I searched your company’s name, but I could not find you.”

Have you ever searched for a company by their name (no matter how unique) and you cannot find them?

Is that frustrating?

Does that make you think less of that company?

For me, it does. Some points to remember are:

• Search Engine’s organic / natural results are viewed as authority referrals.
• Google Trust Factor: Some studies suggest that a referral from a friend exponentially increases the probability of closing a sale. Think of leads that come through search as referrals from trusted a friend. Think: “Google is my friend; Google is my brother referring his friends to me!” People trust search engines, especially Google’s authority. Take advantage of the trust factor to build your sales and qualified business leads. Google is viewed as everyone’s trusted friend who makes a referral “ what Google says goes. Please don’t deny this fact.
• Each day, journalists go online and search for experts in subjects that they are covering.

Can’t afford a high end PR agency?

Optimize your site for your niche and be found for interviews in your subject, product and / or service area. Show the world you’re an expert and they’ll come to you for commentary.