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Your website needs the relevant information that is targeted to your market, we have an in-house team of Chicago SEO copywriters that can creatively develop bespoke content to target the profitable and sought after keywords within your industry. Our in-house SEO’s also setup your website in a WC3 compliant manner to help the major search engines understand what services you offer and why your website should be ranked above your competition.

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Good writing always stands out: whether it is internal communications, relationship marketing, web copy or online press releases, the principles of clarity, structure, good grammar and style are universal. Tailored precisely for the audience in each instance, PSP has created engaging, professional copy for newsletters, websites, reports and marketing material in a broad range of industries.
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Pick a handful of commercial websites and you will more than likely read about how wonderful and fabulous they are. No business wants to sell itself short, but some go to the other extreme and oversell.

Potential customers visit your website to buy products and services or find out more information about them. What you should sell on your website is primarily a tool to help solve a problem or provide a solution. If the words on your website cannot convey quickly and compellingly how your product or service offers a unique benefit to your customer, then you can say goodbye to their enquiry and sale.

Knowing what your online customers are looking for has to be combined with the method they will use to find your products and services. The majority of websites are found through search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! Below are some statistics, which will highlight a) why copywriting for search engines is important and b) why you have to get it right:
•90% of people use search engines to find products and services
•88% of the search market is dominated by Google
•84% of searchers never make it past page two of Google

How to write Effective Quality Copy for Websites

Write for your customers first and for search engines second. SEO copywriting is a skill that is required to drive large volumes of traffic to your website. However, it should be remembered that while the likes of Google and MSN act as a portal for visitors to find your website, it is customers, not search engines, who will make enquiries or buy your products and services. For this reason, ethical SEO copywriting should always be done with your audience in mind.

We provide professional SEO copywriting services, which can be enhanced by hiring a PSP internet marketing consultant.

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